My passion for jewelry started during my career in retail. I loved the unique pieces I would see at the boutique markets in LA and New York. I would dream of handmade, distinctive jewelry pieces in my mind, then go looking for them. But after selling other designer’s jewelry for so many years, in 2017 I decided now was the time to learn to create all the pieces I had dreamed of. 

As my design has been evolving, I’ve noticed that I have an affinity for pearls, turquoise, tourmaline, leather, gold, silver, and champagne or salt and pepper diamonds. Blues, greens, and earthy colors always draw me in. But Im a sparkly girl too. Love me some sparkle! Hand-knotted stringing of semi-precious beads and pearls are also a favorite. It feels a bit like sewing..taking me back to my clothing construction days.  

This is my passion. A fair amount of experimentation is happening here. But I love seeing those who buy my jewelry wearing it and making it their own. Jewelry is something that is very personal that we wear close to our body and that we treasure and pass on to others. My hope is that you feel the love that has gone into each piece and want to wear it every day.
-Julie Ann